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Mother Shoots Carjacker In Face To Protect Both Children

Michelle Booker-Hicks thought of her family first and foremost as she pulled the trigger and shot a man in the face.

Imagine you’re at a gas station late at night and you cease someone getting into your car where your children are why you’re paying for gas. What would be your first thought?

Michelle decided that she was going to run to the car and get in the backseat to protect her children. She reached over the passenger seat into her glove compartment and shot the would-be carjacker in the face as he took off.

Source: Fox5Atlanta

Michelle Booker-Hicks told FOX 4 it happened around 10 p.m. as she was paying for her gas at a Shell station along Interstate 35 near Camp Wisdom Road.

Booker-Hicks saw a man get into the car with her 2 and 4-year-old sons in the back seat. She jumped back in too, grabbed a gun from her glove box and shot the man in the face to get him to stop.

“I proceeded to jump in my backseat and told the gentleman to stop, to get out the car. He would not get out of the car. He turned around and looked at me,” she recalled. “I reached over the armrest to get my glove compartment and that’s when I fired at him once I got the gun from my glove compartment.”

The carjacker ran the car off the road and crashed into a fence. He was arrested and taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police identified the suspect as 36-year-old Ricky Wright. He was shot in the face just under his right eye, causing him to crash and later collapse in the middle of the street.

How many parents would have done the same thing? When it comes to your children, there is nothing should stop you from doing the obvious.

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