Father Arrested After Smoking Marijuana In Front Of 6-Year-Old With Asmatha On FB Live!

You big dummy!

Lyvette Caldwell called the police on her child’s father after watching him smoke weed on a Facebook live stream in front of her 6-year-old son who has asthma.

Donta DeWayne Blue was charged with child abuse and is very remorseful of the entire incident, or so he claims. I wonder if the child abuse charge contingent on the kid having asthma, and if so would it be the same for cigarettes? What if they were eating edibles or using a vape, would they still be charged?

Arrest warrants show that Tyreek J. Carpenter and Donta Dewayne Blue were arrested on Sunday and released on bond. Blue is the child’s parent and Carpenter is Blue’s cousin.

“I mean I was smoking weed,” Blue told CBS17. “I’m not going to lie.”

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The boy’s mother, Lyvette Caldwell, lives in New York, CBS17 reports, and called the police after she saw the video. “I’m like. I have to do something about this. This is my child,” she told the outlet. She also noted that her son has asthma, making his closeness to smoke especially concerning. “My child doesn’t have to deal with that.”

Blue added, “I hope everything goes how it’s supposed to go and I get a second chance to do better and try to be the father I’m supposed to be.” [excerpt via Yahoo Lifestyle]

I’m sure second-hand smoke from cigarettes is deadlier than that from marijuana. But he should know not to smoke in the house where there’s a young child, especially since his son has asthma.

I’m glad this Dad seems to have the right attitude and to want to be a better father. I don’t condone smoking around kids, but I don’t consider it child abuse unless you are encouraging the child to smoke or in a confined space. Just my opinion (and I don’t smoke).

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