More Spoon Feeding…. Come and Get it

Spoon FeedingBecause so many who want to do NOTHING except complain.  Then they don’t want to be inconvenienced enough to quit watching their football game  or some crap show that gives a no talent individual air-time on national television.  Here is some information that I will spoon feed to you so you don’t have to get off your lazy arse, The Truth about ACAunless you need some more Cheetos.


Oh so you’re not surprised…. it is about how much Obamacare will cost you.  Yeah how much you, on average, pay today and what you will pay under the “Affordable Care Act” or better known as Obamacare.  Just to see if you are paying attention….there are only 5 states in the Nation that the “cost curve” has gone down.  Lucky them.


Most of the Nation though is going to pay MORE.  Whoa…. Now wait a minute.  Didn’t Obama say that healthcare would cost less than my Cellphone bill?




Oh my, his lips were moving, so he LIES!

Anyhow here is how it breaks down for you…enjoy the knowledge that we all suffer together, except those 5 states.  Hey that looks like 90% of Americans get to PAY MORE! Hmmm…Does that mean that I do simple math better than Obama?

ACA Cost


Source Report: How Will You Fare in the Obamacare Exchanges?


Wayne Dupree

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