Despite Establishment Efforts, Losing Endorsements; Moore Up 6 Pts In Alabama Race

Judge Roy Moore would be stupid to get out now when he’s up in his Senatorial race in Alabama.

The Senate has turned their backs on him with removing funding for his race to beat his Democratic challenger. He’s lost endorsements, and now it seems he’s lost, Sean Hannity. (Related – Hannity Said Roy Moore Has 24 Hours To Explain Inconsistencies Or Drop Out)

The Hannity ultimatum has angered his based who stood up for him against Keurig and other sponsors who said they were going to pull their ads from his show. Hannity even complained Media Matters was trying to get him fired from Fox News and it seems they have confirmed this.

But Moore continues to survive, and he’s back in the lead according to a FOX10 poll that has him ahead by six points. Just over a week ago he was up by 10, and then the accusations and allegations started, and the challenger made up ground. In some polls, the challenger moved ahead.

This has to be great news for the embattled Moore who is seemingly doing this alone. Even one of the accuser’s stepson delivered a powerful video against her calling her a liar late Tuesday night (Related – Roy Moore Accuser’s Stepson Puts Her On Blast For Lying; Supports The Judge)

Source: Fox 10 TV

Of those who indicated they would vote in the December 12 election, Moore lost 3 percentage points from the poll two weeks ago while Jones showed a 2 percent increase in support. Undecided voters went from 7 percent to 8 percent.

Among typical Republican voters,  Moore showed an 8 percent loss of support from our latest FOX10 News poll two weeks ago while Jones picked up 3 percent.

When asked if the recent sexual misconduct allegations against Moore had influenced their support, 36 percent of all likely voters said they intended to vote for Jones anyway, 35 percent said the allegations made them more likely to vote for Moore, 11 percent said the allegations made it less likely they would vote for Moore and 18 percent said they were either undecided, or that the allegations made no difference to them.

Taking a closer look at what are undecided voters are thinking:

  •  6%  said the allegations made them MORE likely to vote for Roy Moore.
  • 44%  said the allegations made them LESS likely to vote for Roy Moore.
  • 51%  said they were undecided or that the allegations made no difference in their vote.

He has not been charged, tried or convicted by a court of Justice but has been convicted by the lamestream media. He should not stand down or be given an ultimatum to come up with a quick answer. I suggest everyone leave this business up to the people of Alabama.

The Republican establishment, Dems, and left-wing media were petrified Moore would win, and get another self-thinking conservative Senator to contend with. Thus the dredging up of six women, who waited 38 years to come forth with accusations, no proof, just accusations.

Not one told a friend, parent, teacher? Not one was concerned when he became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, twice? Do you think George Soros might have something to do with this or is he sitting this one out? Sounds like, and probably is, a hatchet job on the judge especially when the women do not have proof.

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Wayne Dupree

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