RNC Sends Funds, Help To Alabama’s Roy Moore And The Left Is Throwing Fits!

Whatever names they can throw at Roy Moore, the alt-left is doing with a vengeance, but they still don’t understand that allegations carry no weight unless there’s proof of a crime.

Sen. Al Franken has a photo. Rep. John Conyers has a money trail for a payoff and so on. Roy Moore has nothing but a 24/7 media that continuously spews the word allegation but no proof. That’s not how you convict someone.

The alt-left announced the RNC sending support to Roy Moore with an attitude, but I am sure you know it wasn’t pretty. Source: Daily Beast

The Republican National Committee is jumping back into the Alabama Senate election on behalf of Roy Moore, an RNC official confirmed to The Daily Beast. The news was first reported by Breitbart. The decision by the committee to put money and staff behind the Moore campaign comes hours after President Donald Trump formally endorsed the Senate candidate, who has been accused by multiple women of having sexually preyed on them when they were teenagers. A party committee normally follows the directives of its leader. But the RNC’s decision signals a remarkable reversal for the committee.

It’s almost like they thought the Republicans were just going to give up on the State Senate seat and hand it over to the Democrats. With all the hemorrhaging that’s going on in the Democrat Party, they still wouldn’t win if they had a headstart.

An accusation is not proof of anything where we have much proof of actions taken by many on the left that remain in office today, saying sorry is all they need to do. Moore is necessary in office as the man respects God’s word, unlike most of those self-serving jerks we have in DC!

It’s a shame, so many “smart people” who follow politics have slowly oozed into the liberal mindset of playing on words and convicting someone on the allegation and not facts and evidence. How can Democrats even craft an argument against Moore when they kill babies in the womb?

Get Real.

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Wayne Dupree

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