Monday Night Football Achieves Lowest Ratings — EVER!

Along with The Emmys being the lowest ratings in their history, the NFL continues to fail is a great thing. America is finally coming to its senses.

The cold hard truth will slowly seep into their brain-damaged minds “this is your fault fool, you broke it.”

I’ll bet this finally gets the attention of Roger what’s-is-name. The Chicago Bears are pretty interesting, and Seattle Seahawks has been on a good run. Loyalties to hometown teams are hard to break, but it is happening.

These prima donnas are paid vast sums of money, fleecing the public with taxes, ticket prices, and ridiculous concession prices. Comeuppance is coming. We won’t patronize politics in sports, nor highly paid athletes spitting in our faces.

Source: Breitbart

Ratings for Thursday and Sunday for Week One were also down, but things looked up a bit for last week’s Monday Night Football game. However, with Week Two, the ratings have again resumed their decline.

Karp noted that the game had competition with the 2018 Emmy’s broadcast, but the 70-year-old award celebration crashed to a never-before-seen low of a 7.4 overnight rating. Indeed, the 2018 Emmy Awards registered as the lowest Emmy’s broadcast ever measured.

It’s like when someone finally quits smoking, loses weight, gets in shape or changes their diet, most often, they don’t want to go back the bad, non-productive behavior. The “habit” of watching The NFL is dead in many now, and I’m unsure The NFL can replace them.

Additionally, the demographic they have insulted, manipulated and abused are the very ones who can afford to fill the seats of those billion-dollar, tax-payer subsidized stadiums. Good luck replacing those folks with millennials still living at home and repaying useless college debt.

I think they will ride the social justice warriors all the way to bankruptcy court before they stand up to their disrespect of our nation.

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