Moderator Set Up Omarosa For “Out Of Control” Exchange Caught On Video

Omarosa Manigault took time out of her schedule to attend the 2017 National Association of Black Journalists convention and was treated very badly.

Omarosa, Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison in the White House, graciously agreed to join the event even though the moderator publicly said he was going employ controversy. NOTE: When Omarosa was announced to be a panelist, New York Times Magazine reporter and panelist moderator Nikole Hannah Jones dropped out. Ed Gordon from Bounce TV and former BET announcer stepped in to replace

Earlier Friday morning, former Ed Gordon tweeted this:

He was looking to go after Trump supporter Omarosa in front of his liberal crowd and to her credit, Omarosa didn’t back down. According to some of the tweets about the event, some of the attendees turned their backs on her while she was speaking to them. A huge sign of disrespect but what do you expect from liberals right?

You can clearly see they were not there to answer or know anything about Omarosa. They wanted to go after President Trump and they wanted to use Omarosa to do it. Here is a video of how things went down in the video below:

When you have so-called liberal elitists and intellectuals, and I used that word loosely, joining together to attack a Trump supporter like this, you have to realize this is the result of them not being able to win the past election. Their feelings are hurt and they can’t bring themselves into an adult world.

Hey Gordon, if you wanted to ask about Donald Trump, why didn’t you invite him to the show? You wanted to hit at Omarosa and wound her publicly for a notch in your belt but you came off looking like a bully with your premeditated tweet.

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Wayne Dupree

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