Minnesota Dem Party Leaders Unhappy With Ilhan Omar — Looking For 2020 Challenger!!

This news is huge!

There is so much here that it is comical. Two months in office and Rep. Ilhan Omar has so pissed everyone off that the Dems in Minnesota are already planning on replacing her next election. I also noticed the other day, a comment, that she prayed for Allah to awaken the world. Where is the ACLU screaming about separation of church and state?

Minnesota was ‘blue’ decades before the term ‘blue state’ was even coined. I never could understand it. A State of mining, logging, agriculture, hunting, and fishing, outdoors folk, consistently electing people diametrically opposed to all those things they hold dear. Makes no sense does it?

For Omar’s entire life she was given a free pass to say whatever she wanted about any other group of people. She’s now figuring out that you hit all kinds of problems when you criticize this one small particular group. Are you just now realizing this Omar? Thou group must not be named.

Several party leaders said they have had discussions about finding a candidate to take on Omar, just two months into her first term in Congress.

But even those who were deeply offended by Omar’s comments about Israel concede they have not yet found anyone to challenge her.

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“There’s definitely some buzz going around about it, but it’s more a buzz of is anyone talking about finding someone to run against her than it is anyone saying they’re going to run against her or contemplate it. There’s definitely talk about people wanting someone to run against her,” said state Sen. Ron Latz (D), who represents a portion of Omar’s district.

“Our community is exasperated by Rep. Omar’s unfulfilled promises to listen and learn from Jewish constituents while seemingly simultaneously finding another opportunity to make an anti-Semitic remark and insult our community,” Steve Hunegs, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas, said in a statement. [excerpt via The Hill]

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The media covered for her and intentionally never reported any of the stories about her other than fawning stories as the left wing media tends to do.

She should be replaced, but either way, she has openly shown the disdain the Democrat Party has for Israel and Jewish people, it’s how they feel, she’s just up-front and honest about it, the problem is, the Democrats are not honest people

Check out the talk about reparations to the Black population, knowing it will never happen, but it sounds great in sound bites, all to get votes.

I have some advice for the Jewish community in Omar’s district. Quit trying to “reach out” to her and get her to listen to her Jewish constituency; it’s a total waste of time. Ilhan Omar is a Somali MUSLIM, and as such was taught with hatred for Jews specifically and infidels, in general, all of her life and it can’t be reversed at this late stage (she’s 37). Find someone to be primary her and vote her out of office when you get the chance.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Quit believing the Utopia the Democrats are trying to sell you; they are bold face liars.

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