MMA Fighter Wanted To Give Keaton Jones VIP Treatment; Mom Wants Money Instead!

The entire nation has heard the cry of this young man, Keaton Jones, and how he was bullied in school. They have responded from coast to coast.

Joe Schilling is an MMA fighter who wanted to fly the Jones’ out to an event and reward his bravery and speaking out against bullying, but he ran into a buzz saw in Keaton’s mother. Instead of that gift of a lifetime, she wanted the MMA fighter to share his GoFundMe to raise money for Christmas presents. Schilling said she claimed to be single mother and money was tight.

Joe Schilling says he reached out to invite Keaton to an MMA event and introduce him to some of his friends but that his mother just wanted donations for Christmas money.

Watch the report here:

I admit I think the celebrities reaching out across America to help this young man is one thing but why set up a gofundme? What did the kid lose? Does he have to relocate because if that’s the case, then I might understand the crowdsource funding? It seems the mother wants money to buy Christmas presents and if that is the case, that’s not right.

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I had no reason to doubt Schilling’s account of the situation here. I’ve been reading a few things about the mother, and I don’t know how to take those entries but if this guy is telling the truth, then maybe that gofundme should be taken down, just to get rid of the optics.

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