Mitt Romney Internet Video: Happy Father’s Day | Wow America, A Honest to God American Family

This video showed me something today. It showed me that the “rich” background of Mitt Romney didn’t look so rich. Romney is a family man first and these home videos were something to behold. You saw him taking time out to spend with his family and the surroundings looked like he might live in your neighborhood. The media is angry that they can’t paint him as an evil tyrant, which is why they had to go back to 1965 to when he and a few more friends hazed someone in high school.

Isn’t America tired of being of being told that conservative politicians want to throw grandma off the cliff, want old people to die, don’t want to cover women’s health rights or don’t care about minorities? I think so!

Mitt Romney looks like he was a great dad and listening to his sons, he built up the presence in the home that commanded respect and admiration. Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers out there. You still matter!

Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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