Romney On Trump’s 2012 Endorsement — “He Was Endorsing Me, I Wasn’t Endorsing Him”

The media has begun to pimp Sen. Mitt Romney and he’s loving it. CNN got first grabs at the Utah Congressman.

Make no mistake, Romney has become the defacto leader of the Senate. The media will run to him when there is a problem and unless he is shut down by the GOP, he will cozy up to them like a prostitute.

Romney will be heard more than any other Senator or Congressman and probably more than President Trump. When Trump makes a decision, Romney will be pulled to the panel tables of CNN and MSNBC so they can grab a soundbite to push back against the Commander-in-chief.

Either Romney is dumb as a rock or he’s smart like a fox. He’s claimed he’s not running in 2020 but that doesn’t rule out 2024. He wants to undo Trump’s legacy and clean things up the establishment and this gives him a platform to be heard every day.

The former governor and presidential candidate emphasized he still wants to work with the President where they agree on policy, but he wanted to make a point of expressing where he stands on “matters that relate to the divisiveness” Trump plays a big part of.

He gave examples of things like Charlottesville when he publicly spoke out against the President, but the conversation ended up broadening out to 2020.

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Tapper asked Romney if he regrets accepting Trump’s endorsement in his Senate race.

“He was endorsing me, I wasn’t endorsing him,” Romney said, before adding, “And I haven’t decided who I’m going to endorse in 2020. I going to wait and see what the alternatives are.”

Tapper asked if he would challenge Trump in the primaries. Romney self-deprecatingly responded, “No. I may have heard, I ran before…”

Source: Mediaite

Romney is positioning himself with the help of CNN and possibly MSNBC. He doesn’t even realize they don’t even like him. Remember, it was Candy “Babes” Crowley who destroyed Willard’s chances to become President in the 2nd debate against Barack Obama.

Romney is being set up as a chess piece for the opposition media who are chomping at the bit to use his quotes when speaking about the President.

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