Mississippi Black Liberal Pulls Racist Card on Conservative Tea-Party Favorite Chris McDaniel in last minutes of run-off

When you see ignorance you call it out. When you see liars you call them out. When you blatant destructive citizens try to destroy the credibility of solid standing Americans who want to help change the status quo and fix this country, the you have to yell it out.

Kehinde Gaynor has decided to lynch Conservative Tea-Party backed candidate Chris McDaniel in the last few hours of the run-off election with Thad Cochran.



You want the truth, here it is from Redstate.com and @Samrhall:

A Democratic political operative says he is working with Mississippi Conservatives PAC to drum up votes for U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran.

James “Scooby Doo” Warren said he has put together a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) plan and is “putting it in place across the whole state.” Warren said he is not working with the Cochran campaign itself but for the PAC and Bishop Ronnie Crudup Sr.

Crudup is the pastor at New Horizon Church, which shares an address and chief financial officer with a newly formed super PAC that ran print advertising in the primary supporting Cochran.

When asked if he was getting any blow back for working in a Republican primary, Warren said he “got all that taken care of on the front end.”


 of the clarion ledger falsely claimed that I went to his website and stole 4 paragraphs of his writing when I have never been there before.  This portion of the story that I quoted came from Red State.com with the link below. The original link was pinged but the h/t has been added.

h/t Redstate – Corrupt Cochran Campaign Campaigns Corruptly


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