Report: ‘Miracle on Ice’ Hockey Team Won’t Cave to Liberal Mob Angry Over their Attendance at Trump’s Rally

Members of the “Miracle on Ice” team made a recent appearance at Trump’s rally in Las Vegas and it was absolutely epic!

The ensemble included 1980 team captain Mike Eruzione, and they were even wearing “Keep America Great” red hats.

It was an awesome show of support for our president.

Watch the video:

But, of course, there are other liberal members of the 1980’s team that criticized their teammate’s decision to support our president.

The official Twitter account for the team issued a response that puts these haters in their place.

That didn’t sit well with Trump opponents, who criticized a team that once unified a nation. The backlash was enough to prompt the 1980 team’s official Twitter account to issue a response.

“To us, this is not about politics or choosing sides,”ย @1980MiracleTeam tweeted. “This is about proudly representing the United States of America. Whether your beliefs are Democratic, Republican or Independent, etc. we support that and are proud to represent the USA.” [USA Today]

Good for them!

Why is it okay for sports stars like Colin Kaepernick to show blatant disrespect to our country and police, but he’s heralded as a social justice warrior?

It’s a complete double standard.

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