Minnesota’s State Officials Were FLOORED Learning Of Franken Sexual Assault “God, It’s So Bad”

The NTK Network reached out to involved parties and retrieved EXCLUSIVE text message screenshots of Minnesota’s Secretary of State learning about Sen. Al Franken sexual abuse.

Minnesota’s Secretary of State, Steve Simon was FLOORED learning about Franken’s sexual assault on Leann Tweeden. (Related: News Anchor BLASTS Sen. Al Franken “Forcibly Kissed Me, Grabbed My Breasts While I Was Sleeping”)

Currently, the DNC is circling the wagons and trying to salvage Franken’s seat. The argument they are trying to make is he has supported women’s rights legislation, etc. Not that he is innocent nor that he is not a creep who tries to force himself on women.

So I guess so long as a Senator supports legislation reported to support women, then he can be a lecherous creep, and Democrat women will still help him. Explains how Democrats can bring themselves to vote for Hillary. If the politician claims to support your specific beliefs, then the character doesn’t matter.

However, in the text screenshots below (courtesy of NTK Network), the Sec of State had just learned of the news and was in shock.

Exclusively via NTK Network

Text messages exchanged between Steve Simon, Minnesota’s secretary of state and a Democrat, and his Democrat staff reveal the reactions of local officials to the news that Franken sexually assaulted a fellow USO entertainer in 2006.

In messages exchanged as the news was breaking Thursday and obtained via Freedom of Information Act request, Simon’s chief of staff Jake Spano and communications director Ryan Furlong shared their reactions with their boss.

“Steve –just wanted to make sure you saw the news surrounding Sen. Franken today in case there are media in Winona,” read Furlong’s first message to Simon and Spano.

“Good god. It’s so bad,” Spano replied.

“Just ended my gig. What happened. Can someone call me?” Simon answered.

Furlong followed up by telling his boss that “reporters are openly speculating about his resignation. McConnell has called for the ethics committee to investigate.”

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I feel bad for the woman that was in that photo with him. How humiliating. Then they passed the photo around for everybody to see and made fun of her. Not cool!

What kills me is if anybody can remember Franken was actually put into office through a scandal it was proven later that he had criminals who couldn’t vote for him and he barely won. He should have never been there in the first place.

Who knows where this goes in the state of Minnesota. Simon said it’s bad. How bad is bad? Will the state seek to remove Franken. The longer he stays in his seat, the longer he gives a black eye to the state after these revelations.

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