Youtube Drops Major Influencer After Viral Video Got Huge Backlash!

I never watched Logan Paul’s original video, but I saw many angry responses to shocking insensitive content which is prompted  Youtube to make him an example.

Paul is in trouble with YouTube after one of his most viral videos which showed a Japanese individual who had committed suicide in a place known for lost souls who think of this as a last resort.

Paul made 12.5 million dollars via YouTube last year.

His attitude and ability to poke fun at the situation turned watchers and subscribers the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong, he kept most of his base of millions, but the bad press was more than the media platform could bear.

YouTube has dropped Paul as one of their biggest stars. Not only that, they have removed him from premium advertising and shut down production of a movie he was to star in,

Paul apologized after the video had been watched over six million times, but many thought it wasn’t sincere.

Source: NY Times

The move to punish Mr. Paul a week after the video surfaced highlights how YouTube, which is owned by Google, is slowly coming to grips with controversial content. The issue is becoming more apparent as the online service replaces television as the main entertainment platform for younger audiences.

Top YouTube stars like Mr. Paul, known for pushing the envelope with outlandish behavior that would not be acceptable on mainstream television, present a particular problem. Their antics build an online audience, but can create a cycle of boundary testing as they look for ways to keep their viewers entertained.

”In light of recent events,” said a YouTube spokeswoman, Jessica Mason, Mr. Paul was dropped from Google Preferred, which grants content creators access to guaranteed revenue from premium advertisers. She also said YouTube was delaying any projects that it had in the works with Mr. Paul, including a sequel to a YouTube movie called “The Thinning.

YouTube had been criticized for not taking stronger action against Mr. Paul. The company had issued a statement saying it prohibited gory or violent videos on the platform and it offered condolences to the family of the young man seen in the video.

Logan Paul Backlash Over Video Exploiting Suicide Rallies Supporting Fans

Not only did he film a suicide victim’s body in Japan and make fun of that person, but he also deliberately went to his studio, edited that video, and then posted it on his YouTube channel. I’m glad YouTube and Google punished him and hit him where it hurts the most – his wallet.

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Maybe he’ll get a real job now, instead of making tons of money out of other people’s stupidity. What’s upsetting is that so many children and teenagers (and to be fair, not only them, some adults too) see nothing wrong in what he has done.

Lesson: You can’t video everything you deem ‘correct’ and then later claim to ‘raise awareness; as Paul tried to do. He got caught lying and you will too if you choose to go down this road.

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