[VIDEO] Migrants Say They’ll Wait in Mexico For Democrat to Win 2020 and then Enter the U.S. 

The message that Democrats are sending to foreign invaders is being heard loud and clear: “Wait until we’re in the White House and then come over for all the taxpayer-funded freebies you want.”

And thanks to that Democrat message, these wannabe criminals say they’ll chill out in Mexico for a year or so until a Democrat wins the White House and then they’ll continue flooding the United States.

Well, I hate to tell them this, but they’ll be “chilling out” a hell of a lot longer than one year.

America, this is what you’ll get if globalist Democrats ever retake power – the absolute destruction of the American working-class and handing the keys of our country over to a group of low-skilled foreigners who will decide our elections. drain our resources and spend our tax dollars.

We can’t let that happen. 

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Many prospective migrants to the US say that they are adopting a strategy to wait until President Donald Trump’s time in office is over and hope a Democrat opens up immigration opportunities.

In one video report from the Christian Broadcasting News, a 26-year-old Honduran deported from the US said that he is stuck in Mexico and unable to get word from officials about work permits and other documentation.

“My idea is to go to Tijuana, and in Tijuana I’m gonna go ahead and try to make a living until Trump leaves the office,” said the migrant, whose name was withheld.

“Once he leaves the office hopefully, everything is going to go back to normal, or the situation is going to get better for immigration laws,” he added. “And we’re gonna go ahead and try to get up.”

Katherine Cabrera of Honduras echoed similar plans to a reporter from the Center for Immigration Studies.

“I want Trump out!” Cabrera said. “I’ll wait for that because it would make things easier to get in.”

Brenda Ramos from El Salvador agreed.

“A lot of people in El Salvador believe he [Trump] is the reason all this is happening, that he is selfish and cruel and doing everything he can to make us suffer,” she said to CIS. “But once Trump is defeated and the Democrats take over, things are going to get better.” [The Blaze]

You can watch the video below:

If these people can “hang out” in Mexico for a year, they certainly stay there forever.

These s0-called “migrants” are not in some “dire” situation. They want to come to America to make a lot of money to send back home – and illegally vote in our elections.

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Folks, it’s imperative that we get this message out so that nobody sits this election out.

2020 is an “all hands on deck” type of situation – probably more important than 2016.

We must deliver the final and fatal blow to progressive globalism at the ballot box this November.

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