Michigan Voters Say Trump Needs Time For His Agenda; Still Happy With Their Vote!

Monroe County, MI just told MSNBC they are happy they voted for President Trump which probably shocked liberal viewers.

Barack Obama won Monroe County by one point back in 2012 while Trump trounced Hillary Clinton by 22. These Americans know what it takes to become a winner and somewhere in that is hard work, dedication, and personal responsibility. They believe in President Trump and they want him to succeed for the country.

As for the liberal media, they have tried their best to destroy him at every turn. Watching these voices just solidifies my resolve on how much we need to stand beside the Commander-In-Chief to Make America Great Again.

Source: NTK Network

Unlike MSNBC’s interview on Monday with the “heart of today’s Democratic base” of actors and activists, these Michigan voters were pleased with President Trump’s performance so far.

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki explained how President Obama had won Monroe County, MI by a single point in 2012 and how Trump had won it by 22 points in 2016.

“You saw these all over the Rust Belt, all over the Midwest. It’s the reason Michigan flipped, the reason Pennsylvania flipped, the reason Wisconsin flipped, counties, areas like this,” Kornacki explained.

MSNBC’s Jacob Rascon told Kornacki that after President Trump’s first 100 days in office that voters don’t have any buyer’s remorse and “so far they say they are getting what they expected.”

“They say they’re happy with Trump’s aggressive style, and they say they believe that he wants to fulfill all of the things that he’s talked about doing,” Rascon went on to say.

Rascon did tell Kornacki that voters blame Congress more than President Trump for failures like ObamaCare repeal.

Are you happy with your vote for Trump? Grade Trump and the Mainstream media over the last 100 days below.

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