Michigan Hotel Invites Women From BANNED Abortion States To Stay For Free

Last month, a Michigan hotel invited pregnant women from states that have strict abortion laws to stay at its establishment for free — if you want to have the procedure done.

Great way to advertise and get there name in the news. Not so great to advertise their lack of Christianity.

Dear sisters that live in Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, or any of the other states that follow with similar laws restricting access,

We cannot do anything about the way you are being treated in your home-state.

But, if you can make it to Michigan, we will support you with several nights lodging, and transportation to and from your appointment.

Dear sisters that live in Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, or any of the other states that follow with…

Posted by The Yale Hotel on Thursday, May 16, 2019

40 Actors Tell GA If They Pass Heartbeat Abortion Bill — They Will Boycott State

Shelly O’Brien is the manager of this hotel and likens her idea of helping these women as the Underground Railroad, which helped slaves escape to freedom. How idiotic is that?

O’Brien: “This is important. This is my line. There’s no coming back from this. You start taking away the right for women to control their own bodies, and we’re done for as a civilization. I can’t stop what’s happening, but I have the resources to maybe help someone in that position, and especially knowing that women are coming from other states already.”

As of now, five states that have passed strict abortion bans are Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, and Louisiana. Their legislation makes it illegal to have an abortion after a heartbeat is detected in a fetus.

Louisiana Democratic Governor Signs Strict Abortion Ban Bill

How ironic that progressives fight to save the life of a convicted murderer on death row who deliberately and with pre-meditation took the life (or lives) of innocents, and then turn around and endorse, encourage and assist the murder of the innocent unborn or just born. Disgusting, deplorable, and unconscionable!

Whether you believe abortion is murder or not. Having an abortion can be psychologically and physically traumatic. Not something that should be celebrated, regardless of your beliefs.

O’Brien says nobody has taken her up on her offer, but the residence is open to anyone who wants to sign in.


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