Michelle Wolf Compares ICE To ISIS On Netflix Show

So-called comedian Michelle Wolf wants American law enforcement officers to be killed. This video proves that.

Democrats want our law enforcement officers attacked. This video proves that.

While good and informed people reject these kinds of attacks on Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), law-abiding, intelligent people aren’t the targets of this type of propaganda. Wolf and the producers of these type of videos are attacking the margins, uninformed voters.

She made fun of ICE and Kirstjen Neilsen, Director of Homeland Security.

Source: Daily Caller

Comedian Michelle Wolf took aim at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a skit released ahead of Sunday’s episode of her Netflix show “The Break.”

The skit was titled “ICE Is” (pronounced like ISIS) and compared the law enforcement agency to the terror group responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide.

The skit began by depicting all illegal immigrants as happy families who just wanted to spend time together and celebrate being American. Every ICE agent, in contrast, was depicted as a stupid thug just looking for an excuse to attack someone.

She calls came as a result of the situation involving child custody at the U.S.-Mexico border — and in spite of the fact that Border Patrol is the agency primarily responsible for such facilities. ICE, in contrast, is primarily charged with the prevention of terrorism and human trafficking.

It is interesting that the pictures the left is using to show the poor children were taken in 2014 under Barack Obama’s time in office. For eight years Obama and the left ignored and failed to do anything about it. Pres. Trump in less than one and a half years has changed the policy, and now the Democrats are protesting this change.

Looks like they want the kids put back into cages again and what really makes this bad, they are not blaming the parents who are one hundred percent responsible.

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