Michelle Obama: ‘Barack Is a Pretty Cool Dad’: Congressional Black Caucus Member says term “cool” has racist overtones…

Barack Obama's Wife says Obama's is "cool." CBC member says cool is a racist term so which is it?

The latest campaign email to supporters of President Barack Obama’s reelection effort tries to capitalize on the president’s coolness. “From coaching basketball to knowing how many Jonas brothers there are, Barack is a pretty cool dad,” writes First Lady Michelle Obama in an email to supporters.

Michelle Obama adds, “But more importantly, Barack is a wonderful father and partner. No matter what’s on his plate, he puts the kids first, and they know how much he loves them.”

The email goes on to encourage folks to virtually sign an e-card wishing the president a happy Father’s Day. (Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17.) After signing the card, supporters are immediately directed to a page that then asks the president’s supporters to donate money to Obama’s reelection campaign.

ALERT:  CBC staff: Opposition to Obama is racist

Angela Rye, Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus, argued that President Obama has struggled during his first term due to racially-motivated opposition from conservatives who dislike having a black president.

She said that “a lot” of conservative opposition is racially-charged, citing the use of the word “cool” in an attack ad launched by Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS superPAC.

There’s an ad, talking about [how] the president is too cool, [asking] is he too cool? And there’s this music that reminds me of, you know, some of the blaxploitation films from the 70s playing in the background, him with his sunglasses,” Rye said. “And to me it was just very racially-charged. They weren’t asking if Bush was too cool, but, yet, people say that that’s the number one person they’d love to have a beer with. So, if that’s not cool I dont know what is.

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