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Michael Savage Prosecutes The Syrian Attack And His Results Are Jaw-Dropping

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, conservative radio show host Michael Savage just blistered the attack on Syria and it’s a must listen.

NOTE: This audio is not for everyone. Most Trump supporters who will support President in everything he does will not accept this scientific breakdown. Those of you who weigh both sides of the argument to make an informed decision will listen and make an informed decision.

Savage immediately started to use his scientific background in discussing how the gas attack was not sarin gas as the media has been reporting, which we had also made mention during our radio show last week. That alone should give a moment of pause on this attack.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Savage prosecuted the Syrian attack in this audio from a surgical sense, and it’s compelling.[/inlinetweet] Yes, he uses emotion, but if you look past that and listen to him, you might change your mind about the entire thing.

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What did you think of Savage’s breakdown? Did you change your mind? Did you decide to support the decision to attack Syria more or less after listening? Share your opinions below.

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