Michael Moore Wants A Million People To Surround Capital To Stop SCOTUS Nomination

Film director and activist provocateur Michael Moore wants to stop Pres. Trump from nominating a Supreme Court justice to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Michael Moore is once again putting on a show for the people to raise his activism status. He wants one million people to join him to surround the capital buildings so the SCOTUS nominee will not be able to enter.

Here’s the real deal, surrounding a building does nothing when the building has dedicated tunnels to enter like the Capitol building does which you can see (partially) on tour.

Hey Michael. You mean that there will be a court that rules specifically on whether something is Constitutionally legal, and not follows their “interpretations,” and “feelings,” according to which way the wind is blowing? That sounds to me like what the court was meant to be.

Source: The Blaze

Moore also suggested surrounding the U.S. Capitol with “a million people” to stop Trump’s SCOTUS confirmation.

Trump is expected to nominate a new Supreme Court justice on July 9, and is considering a list of five to seven finalists, which includes two women.

During the interview on Friday, Maher asked Moore if he has a “Hail Mary” plan for the replacement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is retiring.

“Listen, the Senate right now is 50-49. Sadly, McCain will not be able to vote, so it’s a 50-49 vote,” Moore said. “C’mon. We’ve got to push it off til after November.”

“And I don’t trust every Democrat,” Maher responded.

“We have to hold the Democratic seats we have, but look, 90 percent of incumbents are always returned,” Moore said.

It is constitutional vs. post-constitutional, not “right-wing,” left-wing.” When Moore doesn’t like something, he conflates, and then justifies interfering with the very representative democracy he claims to be protecting.

Don’t you love the way Michael Moore, Sen. Kamala Harris, Rep. Max Waters, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and all the rest of them fire up the GOP base? Now they have that new one from New York, yeah, the Socialist of the moment, it all helps. The GOP will vote in record numbers in November, but Moore is going to need some help getting un-surrounded from the Capitol when he starts melting.

Democrats are lawbreakers and we’ve seen them manifest this over the last nine years more and more. President Trump has every right to replace a conservative Justice with another conservative.

Democrat leaders keep saying there is a McConnell Rule which means no justice can be nominated or go through the process months before an election. My response would be “don’t bother trying your made up excuses about this being an election year.” That tradition/precedent only applied to Presidential election years, not mid-term election years.

Elana Kagen, Barack Obama’s nominee, was confirmed in May 2010. Clinton’s nominee, Stephen Breyer, in 1994, and Reagan’s nominee, William Rehnquist, was confirmed in June 1986, all were election years.

As President Obama said, “elections have consequences.” Democrats showed up to the polls in record low numbers in 2016 because they believed the media narrative that there was no way that Hillary Clinton could lose the election to Donald Trump. Time for all of you to stop whining, learn from your mistakes, and make the best of the next seven years.

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