Mia Loves Calls Out Trump, Republican Party — No Real Relationships, Just Convenient Transactions

The problem here is that Rep. Mia Love (R) never wanted to be associated with the Trump administration.

It seems as if Mia wanted to do things her way which is her prerogative but when it came time to work on the campaign to get re-elected, she should not have expected the White House to help her because she didn’t reach out to them.

This press conference that she had on Monday was called a concession speech after her failure to for a third term in Congress. She was winning by 416 votes going into last weekend, eventually, she ended up losing by close to 750 votes.

President Trump called her out by name a few weeks ago, after the 2018 Midterms for not connecting with him while she was in office, again if that’s the way she wanted to work things, this loss shouldn’t be blamed on President Trump one bit.

Republican Rep. Mia Love targeted President Donald Trump in her concession speech on Monday, after losing the Utah congressional race to Democrat Ben McAdams.

Love, whose loss was mocked by Trump earlier this month, said in her concession speech from Salt Lake City, Utah that, “When president Trump took a jab at me… I was surprised at first.”

She said his comments gave her a “clear vision of his world as it is: No real relationships, just convenient transactions.”

Love also emphasized that the Republican party, too, has a “transactional” relationship with minority voters.

Source: Mediaite

I understand Mia’s frustration, and I also agree about what she said about minority voters. It seems there is more hope and desire to bring in minority voters on the ground than it is in the GOP hierarchy. This doesn’t go unnoticed, and every day this continues, the less likely it is that the situation will be fixed.

If Republicans wanted minority voters, they would go after them and show why conservative values are better. But what you have is a few voices on television today that speak down to minorities, backed up on social media, and that causes walls to build up.

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