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Mexico’s Interior Secretary — “Mother of All Caravans” Could Reach 20,000

Olga Sanchez Cordero, Mexico’s Interior Secretary, claims there is a caravan of migrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala forming.

Even though a WhatsApp group of about 200 are calling for the caravan to start gathering together in El Salvador on Saturday, Cordero says the number of participants could rise close to 20,000.

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Mexico is on alert for this “Mother Of All Caravans,” as nobody has ever encountered anything like this before. There are doubts it will get to that benchmark, but if it does, there will be major ramifications.

Activist Irineo Mujica, who has accompanied several caravans in Mexico, said reports about “the mother of all caravans” were false, claiming “this is information that (U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen) Nielsen is using to create fear.”

His group, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, said in a statement there was no evidence the new caravan would be that large, noting “there has never been a caravan of the size that Sanchez Cordero mentioned.” Indeed, past caravans hit very serious logistical hurdles at 7,000-strong.

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She and others suspect the administration of President Donald Trump may be trying to fan fears of a big caravan to turn the U.S. national agenda back to the immigration issue.

Honduran activist Bartolo Fuentes, who accompanied a large caravan last year, dismissed the new reports as “part of the U.S. government’s plans, something made up to justify their actions.” [excerpt via Associated Press]

This is nothing but a planned, coordinated attack, invasion by foreign terrorist which is a threat to our National Security. Those that cross illegally, arrest every one of them for violating our immigration laws.

I have a few questions that need to be answered! (1) Who or whom are the traitors that are financing this crisis? (2) Why is Mexico allowing them to enter their southern border? (3) Why are the lunatic leftists and the establishment hacks denying that this is one of the greatest crisis in our history? (4) Why, of a sudden, is America and her sovereignty now considered irrelevant?

Any compassion I might have had for these people because of the plight of their country is gone. We don’t owe them anything although we send millions in humanitarian aid each year. They are not entitled as they assume they are. Go home and deal with the problems in your own country and without our hard earned taxpayer dollars!


Why do they think we should let them walk in? How about all the people in line waiting to come in legally.

Sorry for the consequences of your defiance, rebellion, lawlessness and disrespect for the United States and it’s great people. Your actions are a representation of who you are and your intent.

President Trump needs to issue a proclamation that states exactly what will happen if they storm the border and stick to it if they do. Then they can’t say they didn’t have fair warning. He needs to let them know emphatically that Americans will consider it an invasion.

Mexico — a country that will toss any American into a hole in the ground for even accidentally bringing a shred of marijuana into their country, surely has the resources to toss some illegal invaders into more holes in the ground. I don’t believe for a second that Mexico couldn’t stop these “caravans” if they wanted to. We need to end ALL aid to Mexico until they stop being the conduit for massive foreign invasions into our country.

President Trump, if you or anyone in your administration read this article, you need to shut down the border now! Put a halt to all immigration if necessary.

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Our border patrol has been sounding the alarm for weeks now about not having the manpower to deal with these invading illegal aliens. Also, you must understand these caravans aren’t forming organically; this is an organized effort to flood America with third world garbage to change the results of the 2020 election. All of these third world invaders are being brought in to vote Democrat.

Another thing that needs to happen, President Trump, is you need to use all of the power of the presidency to go after George Soros, the mastermind behind all of this. This man is evil incarnate and has for decades undermined America’s sovereignty.

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