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Southern Mexico Officials Detain Caravan of 2,000 Border Crossers

A “Caravan of 2,000 migrants detained in southern Mexico?”

So Pres. Trump’s strategy of choking the flow of illegal immigration from upstream is working. The southern borders of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have become the new frontier and barriers that will protect our southern border.

It has been projected that if immigration into the United States continues the way it has the last few decades, the United States will double in the population before this century is over. That’s over 600 million people, almost double the current 330 million. This will mean the development of our farmlands, forests, to build housing and commercial shopping to accommodate all these people. Water shortages, increased traffic, and more over-crowding of our cities, roads, hospitals, and schools.

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The United States should only import as many people as it needs, to do the jobs that people on welfare will not do. Nobody can make an intelligent argument on why allowing our population to double will be a benefit to this country!

Many of the migrants who departed from Tapachula, Chiapas early in the morning had been held up in this city just north of Guatemala for weeks or months, awaiting residency or transit papers from Mexican authorities. The migrants are originally from Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

They left their home countries sometimes because of violence, or simply in search of a better life.

“I want to pass through Mexico, I don’t want to live here,” said Amado Ramirez, a migrant from Honduras who said he had been living on the streets of Tapachula with his young children and wife, hoping for a transit visa from Mexican officials. “We’re at a standstill.”

Men carried large, sagging backpacks while women carried children on their shoulders and parcels on their heads.

The group trudged about 24 miles ( 40 kilometers) northwest along a highway under the supervision of human rights officials before federal police and national guardsmen blocked their path. [Associated Press]

It’s amazing how entitled refugees can be. “No, we won’t accept your laws and attempts to give us sanctuary, let us go to America and force THEM to take care of us!”

Mexico asked them to file for asylum in Mexico, or go back across the river to Guatemala, or stay in Tapachula Mexico forever. But Mexico will NOT provide documents so they can abuse it to travel through Mexico. Almost nobody applies for asylum in Mexico, so what does that tell you?

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We can not support the whole world and expect taxpayers to foot the bill. We have a massive national debt that equates to 600,000 for every man, woman, and child. We have a huge homeless problem. We have to take care of our people first.

Now would be the time to beef up the border with national guard troops or regular army. I know there may be laws against it, but there should be a way to make it work. If you stiffen the borders, then we can let in those that go through the process the proper way.

I say send them back without prejudice. They have no interest is coming here legally. People want to walk right in. Pres. Trump is doing his job. We already have more welfare recipients in the United States than we can handle. We are overflowing with poverty-stricken people as is and do not need more strain on our government.

Do it legally, or don’t bother coming.


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