Mexican Official BLASTS Associated Press! Trump Didn’t Threaten To Use U.S. Troops In Mexico

This is something different and huge, but you won’t see the mainstream media covering it. A Mexican official just called out the Associated Press for lying on President Donald Trump.

The Associated Press reported met Pres. Trump warned Mexico he would be ready to use U.S. troops to stop bad hombres Mexico was unwilling to. Mexico’s presidential spokesman Eduardo Sanchez push back on the Associated Press story calling a fake news.

From True Pundit:

It is absolutely false that the president of the United States threatened to send troops to Mexico,” Sanchez said, describing the conversation between both North American leaders as respectful and beneficial to both parties, absent any hostility or threats from either side.

After AP published the account many other liberal news outlets including blindly-left Mother Jones — whose White House reporter has had his knives out for Trump for nearly two years — likewise followed suit, quoting the AP story as a source an an excuse to slam Trump as trying to spark a war with Mexico. The Washington Post also jumped into the fray, but eventually deleted the AP portion of its story because it claimed AP appeared to have loose sourcing. But that didn’t stop the Washington Post from writing a similar story attacking Trump with equally shaky sourcing of its own. When the Washington Post admits sourcing on any story is less than definitive, heed its word. It’s reporters and editors built a brand on poorly-sourced stories and there is little end to its traditional shoddy and usually fictional journalism in sight..

From the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump warned in a phone call with his Mexican counterpart that he was ready to send U.S. troops to stop “bad hombres down there” unless the Mexican military does more to control them,

The excerpt of the call did not detail who exactly Trump considered “bad hombres,” nor did it make clear the tone and context of the remark, made in a Friday morning phone call between the leaders. It also did not contain Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s response.

Still, the excerpt offers a rare and striking look at how the new president is conducting diplomacy behind closed doors. Trump’s remarks suggest he is using the same tough and blunt talk with world leaders that he used to rally crowds on the campaign trail.

I was looking at the Washington Post earlier, and they’re already trying to consolidate their negatives on Trump into his first 100 days in office. Mark my words the liberal media will print and report President Trump’s first 100 days are a disaster, even though they would not report on the good news that occurs from his administration.

Trump has been working every day, all day, fulfilling his promises he made on the campaign trail and yet the mainstream media purposely will not report on it, but yet they will create a lie as they did about the Mexican phone call knowing that will get better traction than the truth.

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