Meryl Streep — Oprah Is More Than Qualified To Be President

Isn’t this the same Meryl Streep who think best friend Harvey Weinstein is deeply qualified to run the Miss Universe pageant without bothering the contestants?

Hollywood is in trouble. Leading men are under scrutiny for sexual harassment and pedophilia and the women who were quiet for years are hiding the fact their silence allowed more up, and coming actresses wouldn’t have gone through what they did.

Streep is a friend to many of these pedophiles, sexual harassers and let’s not forget this is coming from a person who called Weinstein God. I’ll pass on her judgment of people.

“Well she’s certainly raising the bar for whomever decides to run, because they better burn the barn the same way, because it’s just we realize how thirsty we are for that sort of return to a passionate adherence to our values and principles to our country. As a country, as a people, men and women. You can really pull a big army behind you with that kind of rhetoric and real feeling and smarts,”Streep said passionately about Oprah.

“Let’s face it, she’s also inexperienced in the matters of running a country,” Amanpour pointed out.

“She’s run a major corporation that didn’t go bankrupt three or four or however many times,” Streep said, throwing a jab at Trump. “Yeah I think she’s more than qualified. Intellectually she’s qualified, he energy her stamina, her passion. I think she’s more than qualified.”

Oh for God’s sake, when will Americans realize that the business of government is serious? It requires intensive study and extensive experience to do it well. It’s not about celebrities making speeches that make people feel good.

What are her actual policies when it comes to corporate and individual taxes, trade, foreign policy, immigration, etc. etc.? Hypocrite liberals are astoundingly hypocritical. Now suddenly having business experience without public service experience is a plus.

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When Trump first announced, he didn’t lead the pack. Support for him grew based on his actual policy positions. Why are lefties so excited for Oprah when none of her policy positions have yet to be outlined?

Trump paid attention to what the voters wanted. Ironically, the same experience that helped him understand the public is the same skill that Oprah has demonstrated. If she chose to become a populist politician, she likely could. Her problem will be she’s already committed herself to the liberal side of policies, and many of those policies are failures rejected by the public.

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