MISTRIAL – Sen. Bob Menendez Charged On 18 Counts, Jury Is Deadlocked With “For Real Hung Jury”

Someone needs to remind Sen. Bob Menendez that a mistrial does not mean innocence. It says some of the members of the jury did find you guilty.

One Juror asked the Judge what a “Senator” was. The jury was stacked with Democrats. The most shameful thing about all this is that he has probably convinced himself that he is innocent. Denial and victimhood are powerful anesthetics when it comes to one’s conscience.

I don’t care what his political affiliation is, if he’s dirty, throw the book at him.

Source: Washington Times

The judge in the corruption case against Sen. Robert C. Menendez, New Jersey Democrat, declared a mistrial Thursday afternoon.

The jury had come back twice already, deadlocked on all charges, before U.S. District Judge William Walls threw in the towel.

“I find you are unable to reach a verdict and that further deliberations would be futile and that there is no alternative but to declare a mistrial,” Judge Walls said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 18 counts in the case accused Mr. Menendez of using his official powers to benefit co-defendant Dr. Salomon Melgen and of taking gifts and campaign contributions from Melgen in return. In April, the doctor was convicted of 67 counts of Medicare fraud.

If Menendez, walks, because of a mistrial, our Judicial System is wholly broken. Jurors should never be deadlocked strictly regarding evidence; they inappropriately applied emotion/politics/bias opinions.

Of course, this would happen in a Democratic State; guilty means nothing to Dems unless it is again a Republican. This guy’s corruption is unbelievable, but this political party never speak about against their own because that takes morality.

There is zero doubt that Menendez is guilty, but because people brought their politics to the jury room, they could not agree, hence a mistrial. People need to think long and hard before they accept the role of a juror to ensure they can be entirely objective and keep their beliefs and politics out of justice. Justice should be blind and equal despite your social, economic or educational status.

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