Megyn Kelly: “After Trump said he wouldn’t be nice to me, I felt it was a veiled threat”

Most of the know a snow job when we see can do this was a blizzard. Megyn Kelly joined Charlie Rose on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss her tense relationship with GOP front-runner, Donald Trump. Kelly said she felt during the first debate when Trump said he wouldn’t be nice to her, she took that as a veiled threat.

In the opening on the video below, Rose said the following:

Megyn Kelly hasn’t directly responded to Donald Trump’s attacks

[easy-tweet tweet=”The name of the media game here is to paint Trump as a hater of women and damage him” hashtags=”TrumpTrain, AlwaysTrump”]How many death threats has Trump received? There are people rushing the stage trying to attack him, sending fake anthrax to his son, and organizing violent mobs to attack his supporters. No calls from the media to tone down the anti-Trump rhetoric, but Kelly say she felt threatened by Trump.

By the way, this is what happens to you when you disagree with Kelly:

Kelly is playing the victim card here, and you have to ask yourself why? She just signed an $11 million dollar book deal; she heads the highest (alleged) rated show in primetime, she brings on Anti-Trump supporters to go after him each night, and she doesn’t back off. Why doesn’t she talk about other candidates and bring on supporters and non-supporters of them, because it’s called an agenda.

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The name of the media game here is to paint Trump as a hater of women and damage him so badly; he won’t do well with women overall if he makes it to the general election.

Watch this interview:

What did you think of this? Kelly says she didn’t want to become part of the story, yet she won’t let it go. If someone was to attack you constantly, don’t you think they would respond? Share your opinions (below) and share this story on your Facebook/Twitter timeline wall.

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