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Meghan McCain — If Trump Wasn’t President, I Wouldn’t Have Be Successful On The View

John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, wants to be successful in front of a liberal audience that hates and despises Republicans.

In other words, any bashing a Republican can bring against another Republican, the crowd will love it and praise the one causing who is willing to side with their moronic progressive agenda over party ideas.

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I believe country over party but I also believe watching individuals like Meghan live up to her opportunist label is cringeworthy. She’s doing nothing but making herself look bad but as long as she has her progressive friends, she’s fine.

Meghan claims she is the first “real Republican” that has been on The View since she joined in 2017.

“For that reason, I guess I’m grateful that Trump is president,” McCain continued, in an excerpt obtained by People. “It’s just made my job a little easier because I know why it happened.”

John McCain’s daughter also thinks she works on the ABC show because she’s the first “real Republican” to sit on the panel.

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“I think the reason I worked and other Republicans didn’t is because I’m the first real Republican that they hired,” McCain added, clarifying, “Yes, I think I’m more of a Republican than Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] is.”

She continued, “Nicolle Wallace changed parties. Candace Cameron was a social conservative. I don’t remember the other people who were on here.”

McCain thinks she is “successful” on The View. Apparently, she is not reading comments about her. That’s her choice, however. I have not seen any favorable feedback about her being on the show and I have heard a number of people say they will not watch the show as long as she is on it. Meghan does not understand that it is the fans that make a person or show successful. So far, she is failing.

Her definition of success is very different than mine. She engages in screaming matches on one of the worst programs ever!

She thinks she’s the voice of conservatives, but we can all agree she isn’t. I would like to think true conservatives care more about our country than they do the party.

At least she is honest enough to come out and say she got her position riding on her daddy’s coattail. It is sad she isn’t good enough to be successful on her own but does it anyway. Makes you wonder how unhappy a person she must be to believe that about herself.


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