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[VIDEO] Meghan and Cindy McCain Say Trump’s GOP Has Left ‘Normal Republicans’ Like Them Behind

It’s amazing how wildly out-of-touch establishment Republicans are, even three years after President Trump won the election and smashed the neocons into dust. They still believe they have a say in the very party that has literally rebuked them and their globalist agenda and left them far behind.

That’s why people like Meghan McCain and her mother, Cindy, are still whining and complaining about the “Trump GOP.” They say there’s no room for them anymore in today’s Republican Party – and they’re right.

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There’s no room for globalists who put foreign people and foreign needs first, who start pointless wars in order to make their donors rich, and who leave our borders wide open so their wealthy friends can have cheap labor.

However, as Meghan and Cindy see it, Trump’s GOP has left “normal Republicans” like them behind.

“Normal people” don’t turn funerals into 14-day anti-Trump protest rallies.

The two bitter women appeared on PBS’s “Firing Line,” where Meghan McCain also said the Republican Party will be in a “very dark place to rebuild” in a post-Trump America.

You can watch the video below:

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