Media Uncovered – Watch Haley Borbour Own MSNBC Andrea Mitchell on WI Flawed Exit Polls

Gov Haley Barbour journey into the belly of the racist MSDNC beast. Barbour noted during the interview that due to the flaw exit polling of the Wisconsin recall on Gov Scott Walker, the results should be skewed skeptically. I also noticed last night that the report was that the exit polling for Walker/Barrett was quoted as 50/50 but Walker was up most of the night by double digits ending up at seven.

Voters for Gov Scott Walker
Exit Polling was so flawed Democrats came away with exaggeration about Obama lead over Romney

How can you go on something that flawed with results like that. You have to take this liberal spin on the exit results of this recall with a grain of salt. It’s like a football team that got blew out and the coach has to find something positive with so much negative. The Democrats have been telling themselves so many lies for years to make it seem like it’s truth.

Video Via Washington Free Beacon

Wayne Dupree

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