Media Matters Head Wants Sean Hannity Fired From Fox News!

If Media Matters is demanding Sean Hannity be fired, then he must be doing something right!

Media Matters is now smearing Sean Hannity as a defender of child sex abuse, a false claim that is beyond outrageous. Supporters have already weighed in. Will Hannity sue?

Source: AOL

Media Matters President Angelo Carusone says he is not letting up on his campaign to pressure brands that advertise on Sean Hannity, telling TheWrap that his ultimate goal was to oust the conservative commentator from Fox News.

“Sean Hannity is uniquely destructive in the media landscape right now. His extremism, persistent lies, conspiracies, and attacks on women that speak out against sexual misconduct warrant some kind of accountability,” said Carusone. “What Hannity does is so volatile and reckless that I don’t think he should be at Fox News any longer.”

On Monday, Carusone tweeted that another brand, Hubble Contacts, was also pulling the plug on Hannity ads. Meanwhile, two other advertisers, HelloFresh and TripAdvisor, clarified that any ads that run during his show were done in “error.”

The people who tune into and contribute know better. Caving in and firing Hannity would be bad ratings! All because he interviewed and said don’t lynch the guy in the court of public opinion.

Stand your ground Hannity everybody knows Media Matters is a Clinton left-wing group that wants to silence any opinion that differs from them. Notice how you don’t see any conservative groups trying to silence any of the liberal media.

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