Compilation Of Media Looking Like Dopes Thinking Trump/Putin Wouldn’t Talk About Election

The two smartest leaders in the world. I am honored to live in a world with these two at the helm steering the ship.

I am really glad both men seem committed to their relationship and the fight against ISIS. Russia is a super power the same as the US, having them on our side is tremendous. Even though the media has been pushing us toward a war against Russia, that something we aren’t looking forward to.

The media thought Trump wouldn’t speak to Putin about the liberal narrative of Russia meddling in our elections but we learned in the two leader’s two-hour meeting that topic was on the table.

Trump is probably the only one that could successfully and respectfully pull this off. Shame the main stream media doesn’t report all his successes so everyone would know how much he’s accomplished so far.

Source: Daily Caller

President Trump forced MSNBC and CNN to eat crow after he addressed Russian election meddling during his first sit-down meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

A number of anchors and pundits on the two media outlets assumed that Trump wouldn’t raise the interference issue due to his somewhat cozy relationship with Putin. Analysts operated under the speculative assumption all day Friday.

“Some early reports that sound like he doesn’t intend to [bring up meddling],” CNN’s Susan Hennessey guessed. “The idea that at the same moment or early before he would choose to, once again, raise these issues on his Twitter feed really just puts sort of the starkness and sort of bizarreness of his to not bring this up to President Putin.”

“What should be happening in a normal world is Donald Trump should go in there saying, ‘we know you’ve been meddling in the election, we’re going to continue to squeeze you.” said MSNBC’s Ali Velshi.

However, shortly after Trump’s meeting with Putin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson indicated that Trump pressed Putin on election interference multiple times and that it was the first topic raised in the meeting.

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If Russia had hacked the election, the NSA and the CIA would have gone back through all of their stored data and found the evidence of it and crucified Trump and probably taken us to war. The media looked silly and still hurting over the Hillary Clinton November loss.

What cracks me up is all the people who whine about him not being politically savvy and going off script, but then when he tries to show some diplomacy with international figures he still catches crap! Make up your mind people.

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