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MD Perry Hall High School Under Threat Of Violence On Thursday

UPDATE: 10:47 PM ET – The Perry Hall Alumni Association claims the student created a hoax that called for shooting up the school.

If your child went to this school and a student was handing out flyers like the ones below claiming he was going to shoot up the school the next day, as a parent, wouldn’t you want to know what action is being taken to clear up the situation?


An anonymous tip from a concerned mom At Perry Hall High School and a text message photo of a small flyer handed out today has her worried.

Officials pulled a young man out of class today after he handed out these flyers alleging some violent action is scheduled at the school on Thursday. At the release of this article, there hasn’t been any news about it or warnings to parents who will be sending their children to school tomorrow morning.

The mother of a student that attends the school (name will remain anonymous) said this one card being handed out to students and there were a couple more. Some of the student’s friends personally heard the young man threaten to shoot up the school on Thursday (tomorrow).

The name of the young man that levied the threat against the school is “Spencer.” He was in 3rd-period chemistry class when this occurred when the vice principal Ms Watkins personally removed the student and sent him home. Andrew Last is the principal of Perry Hall.

I was informed by the student, Baltimore County Police are on staff at this school and ranges between two or three).

NOTE: The student and friends want to keep their names anonymous because they attend this school and there could be a backlash if their names are spread. They are fearful of possibilities. 

FYI, there have been racial incidents at Perry Hall High School in the past, and the administrators sent out notifications parents about what transpired in the evening or the very next day.

Last year, there was an incident where a student marked up a trailer class door “kill the n***gers.” It remained on the door for a few days before the school could take it off, but parents were also notified.

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