McGowan Claims She Told Amazon’s Bezos Of Weinstein Rape

Hollywood Director Rose McGowan has been yelling towards the rooftops about Harvey Weinstein and how she was sexually assaulted, but it fell on deaf ears.

McGowan’s twitter account was taken down as they claim she added a personal phone number of someone she was ranting about. She has been hitting hard at the Affleck brothers, Ben and Casey with accusations and allegations and her timeline have been an eye-opening experience for anyone and everyone reading, and now, she’s going after heavy hitter Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

McGowan claims she told Bezos about the Weinstein rape incident and he brushed it off saying she didn’t have proof.

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Source: Daily Mail

That ‘dirty Oscar’ seems to be a reference to Casey Affleck’s Best Actor win for ‘Manchester by the Sea’ earlier this year, an award that Ben’s younger brother took home despite two women accusing him of sexual harassment.

McGowan did not identify Casey by name, but the only other Oscars that Amazon has won are the Best Original Screenplay award for Kenneth Lonergan and Best Foreign Language Film for the Iranian drama ‘The Salesman.’

Amazon picked up ‘Manchester by the Sea’ at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival for a near-record $10 million, and the film ultimately ended up netting the movie industry upstart seven Oscar nominations and two wins.

Weinstein Company is developing two new series with Amazon however, one prodiuced by Oscar-winning director and writer David O’ Russell and ‘The Romanoffs,’ which will be Matt Weiner’s follow up to his critically acclaimed series ‘Mad Men.’

The disgraced executive’s name is already being removed from the series.

This is huge. McGowan has been picking up a lot of followers since she started calling out the Hollywood’s disgusting pedophilia scene and she didn’t just start. She’s been blacklisted because of her willingness to break the glass ceiling on what’s going on and everyone should give a listen.

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