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McConnell and Wife Rushed, Verbally Assaulted After Maxine Water’s Call To Action

As the Senate Majority Leader and Transportation Secretary, they have Federal Protective Service Agents providing security for them, what happened?

My question is, how did those beta-males just walk up to the Senator and the Secretary unchecked? They did not have the vehicle covered from the rear. What is wrong with these agents?

Nonviolent protest is one thing- stalking and targeting individuals at their homes or in a restaurant is disturbing the peace.

The left is incapable of critical thinking because it doesn’t involve feelings, hopes and wishes, only logic. They also are incapable of understanding logical progression, for that very reason. And Georgetown is a leftist cesspool. If you want a degree in Gender Studies, go to Georgetown. If you want a job that matters, go to a trade school.

The Red Hen tactic is the death move of the left. Arrest Rep. Maxine Waters for inciting to riot. Time to take down these alt left children that believe that their rights are greater than others. The police should check the ID’s of these protesters, and if they are drawing unemployment, student loans or any other type of public assistance, they should be removed from those programs immediately and forced to pay back all money at 29.9 percent interest.

I also think the Senate Majority Leader should be confronted, not about separating children but for not helping Trump accomplish his agenda and getting the damn wall funded!

This is not going to end well for liberals and leftists. Democrats do not care about them; they are just a pawn on the game board to be sacrificed for power.

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