HEY, MAYOR KHAN…Paul McCartney OUTRAGED After Grandson Robbed at Knifepoint in London

I’m old enough to remember when London was a safe and charming city that everyone wanted to go to, and nobody would ever think twice about being “safe” while there.

My, how times have changed (thanks, Mayor Khan).

Since the time anti-Trump Mayor Sadiq Khan took over the city and pushed for mass migration, many believe that London has turned into a ‘knife-welding bloodbath.’

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It’s gotten so bad, that even Sir Paul McCartney has been impacted by the outrageous and unacceptable London violence.

Just recently, the former “Beatle” revealed that one of his grandson’s was robbed at knifepoint in the once-pristine city.

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed one of his grandsons was mugged at knifepoint in London and said it is ‘scary’ how much knife crime there is at the moment.

The former Beatle, 77, did not identify which grandson had their phone stolen in the attack but advised not to react if a knife is pulled on you.

The grandfather of eight aged between seven and 20 said the episode reminded him of when he was attacked while growing up in Liverpool.

He told The Times: ‘In London, one of my grandkids, one of my older grandkids, was mugged and got his phone taken.

‘I said: “No, no, no, no! The guy had a knife and you don’t know, the guy might be able to use that knife”. So it is scary these days.’

It comes amid a crime wave in London which has seen 92 murders this year as politicians and police struggle to deal with knife crime in what has been labelled ‘Wild West’ Britain.

‘He was saying the worst thing was that he should have just thumped the guy; he came back and felt a coward. [Daily Mail]

Perhaps Mayor Khan should focus less on attacking our America First President, and focus more on fixing his very broken city and keeping his poor victimized citizens safe?

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Last year, Piers Morgan went after Khan regarding the growing crime rate in London. It’s fair to note, since that time, it’s actually gotten worse.

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