McCain: These Things With Trump Have Reached “Watergate Size And Scale”

Sen. John McCain doesn’t like President Trump. To be honest, I wasn’t awaken politically at the age of 4-5 years old to know what Watergate was but are we there yet?

McCain was tempered with his words but he did make the point he thought we were at Watergate size and scale. I think that’s pushing it a lot. Let’s look on all of these situations with one nagging but staunch truth, there’s no evidence…..anywhere.

There’s no evidence Russian President Vladimir Putin helped then-GOP candidate Donald Trump win the 2016 election. There’s no proof that members of Trump’s team was connected with Russia and gave them special favors. There’s no proof that Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey because he was getting close to a Russia conclusion. There’s no proof of Trump taping Comey in the Oval office. There’s no proof Russians hacked the DNC headquarters.

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There’s no proof but yet McCain feels at ease pushing these made up generated charges and accusations as fact. Someone needs more clarity and it’s not me.

Source: NTKNetwork

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that the situation surrounding the ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russia had reached “Watergate size and scale” on Tuesday night.

“I think we’ve seen this movie before,” McCain said. “I think it’s reaching the point where it’s of Watergate-size and scale.”

McCain said that the situation was “not good for America.”

The Republican Congress has been unable to advance their agenda due to the clouds gathering over the Trump-Russia investigation, according to the Arizona senator.

McCain wondered what argument Republicans will make to the American people as their legislative initiatives have stalled.

With every word in this video, you could tell McCain doesn’t like Trump even though he said that had nothing to do with it. Believe me, it does have everything to do with it. That’s the benchmark that he starts off with and he’s trying to say it doesn’t matter.

What did you think of this video? What do you think about McCain’s statement that this kabuki theater of allegation and accusations have reached Watergate status? Share your analysis below in the comment section.

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