Meghan McCain Just DROPPED THE MIC on Dickie Durbin; Watch This Go Down!

If you are not a Meghan McCain supporter, you might give her a little love after she just rolled Sen. Dick Durbin during an interview on Tuesday.

McCain was talking to Durbin (on a show that shall not be named) and she went for the jugular and ended with the Columbian necktie as he head was on a platter for all to see.

McCain asked Durbin the following question:

“You have a history of misrepresenting statements from private White House meetings,” she said. “And some say that you’ve actually done more harm than good to the DACA deal by revealing what Trump said in his private meeting. Do you think that’s true?”

Instead of answering her about his penchant for stretching the truth as he is well known for, he mentioned the social protesters behind him who were there for DACA. Durbin called them the “voices of democracy… willing to be arrested in a non-violent way.”

McCain responded quickly that he should be trying to win over Republicans as he already has the vote of the DREAMers but he responded that he thought more Republicans would be on his side later in the day because he feels more will believe his version of events and they would turn on Trump.

Then Durbin invoke McCain’s father in the conversation saying how they worked on legislation for immigration and that he knew where John’s heart was. Meghan then followed back with this:

Durbin said he expects more Republicans to come forward to voice disagreement with the President on immigration, invoking McCain’s father and saying “I know where his heart is.”

“Yes, and with all due respect, I know where the heart of people like Tom Cotton is.”


Meghan did a great job grilling Durbin and if you stared at him, he looked weak and pathetic. I feel Durbin is a liar and a race-baiter. They had no deal or any chance of a deal last Thursday when he entered in the meeting with Trump and he got his feelings hurt when Trump told him to go back and work on it.

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I don’t believe Durbin even though he throws Lindsey Graham’s name out there. Graham hasn’t publicly said Trump said those words yet. He has put out a statement on some words used but not those words. The President said he used strong language but not the language Durbin claims.

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