Guess What? McCabe Is Suing the DOJ, Inspector General and FBI

Why is it the average working person in this country can be dismissed without cause but this hot shot thinks he is immune?

Let the games begin! Let James Comey and Andrew McCabe expose their version of the truth and watch it spiral into wider revelations. The double dare you game begins, open hearings please.

McCabe is suing the alphabet networks because he feels the DOJ is withholding documents on his firing because they are afraid of what he will find. This could be a power play just in case anyone is wondering. Let’s say when he goes before the committee for questioning he will now plead the fifth amendment because of this lawsuit he just initiated.

Someone might want to tell Andrew, Washington DC is an employment at will state. “The District of Columbia (D.C.) is an “employment-at-will” district. Therefore, an employer may generally terminate an employment relationship at any time and for any reason.”

Source: Washington Times

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the FBI, the Justice Department and its inspector general, alleging the Trump administration violated procedures when it fired him in March just hours before his retirement.

The Justice Department cited “lack of candor” for dismissing Mr. McCabe, who had worked at the FBI for more than two decades. The firing upended Mr. McCabe’s ability to collect his benefits and pension.

In the 36-page complaint filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, his attorneys argue the Justice Department is refusing to hand over documents relating to the policies and procedures for Mr. McCabe’s dismissal because it fears further litigation.

“We don’t create or adjudicate under secret law or procedure,” David Snyder, a lawyer for Mr. McCabe, told The Associated Press.

Ah, yes, the ‘ole “best defense is a good offense”. Give it a go, McCabe. See if you can trick the tricksters. Don’t hold your breath. Maybe he will have to take out a second mortgage and dig deep into his retirement acct to pay for his attorney fees..what comes around goes around Andy.

So we need to notify the criminal that the IG says he’s a criminal and was fired for it? I hope this creep gets time in a federal penitentiary. The number of lawsuits and counter-lawsuits against everyone, talk about a complete distraction to making America great again! Keep draining the swamp. Thank you.

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