Nasty Mayor Attacked Trump While Massive Hurricane Fraud Happened Right Under Her Nose

Remember the “nasty” anti-Trump mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico?

She’s the woman who politicized Hurricane Maria, in order to spew her hatred for President Trump.

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Carmen Yulin Cruz spent most her time printing silly t-shirts and attacking the U.S. and President Trump for supposedly “mishandling” relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island.

Watch this video from October, 2017, as the feud between Trump and Nasty Mayor heated up.

The ungrateful Nasty Mayor also called President Trump the “Disaster in Chief,” even after the U.S. generously sent tons of aid to the island.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz blasted U.S. President Donald Trump as a “disaster-in-chief” in an interview with ABC News this week while slow recovery efforts continue 100 days after the Category 4 Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico in late September.

“Where he needed to be a commander-in-chief, he was a disaster-in-chief. President Trump does not embody the values of the good-hearted American people that have [made] sure that we are not forgotten,” Cruz said. “He was disrespectful to the Puerto Rican people, he was disrespectful to the American people who were leaving their homes to come help us here.”

Cruz has been a leading critic of the Trump administration’s response to the humanitarian crisis that broke out on the island, a U.S. territory, following the hurricane. She pointed to the suspiciously low official death count as an example of the government’s inadequate handling of disaster, adding that she hopes the review recently ordered by Gov. Ricardo Rossello will reveal how many people died in connection to the storm. [Common Dreams]

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Ironically, all the time that Nasty Mayor spent attacking President Trump, was wasted energy. Because during her Trump Derangement Syndrome meltdown, the actual mishandling of relief supplies and fraud was happening right under her nose.

A former administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency was arrested Tuesday for taking bribes from the president of a company that landed $1.8 billion in federal contracts to repair Puerto Rico’s electrical grid after Hurricane Maria devastated the island in September 2017.

Federal authorities arrested Ahsha Tribble, FEMA’s former deputy administrator for the region that includes Puerto Rico. Donald Keith Ellison, the former president of Cobra Acquisitions was also arrested.

They were accused of “conspiracy to commit bribery of public officials; acts affecting a personal financial interest; false statements; disaster fraud; honest services wire fraud, Travel Act violations, and wire fraud,” according to a statement from the Department of Justice.

Ms. Tribble and Mr. Ellison had a “close personal relationship” from October 2017 to April 2019, and Mr. Ellison gave Ms. Tribble gifts that ranged from personal helicopter use, hotel accommodations and personal security services, according to the DOJ statement. [CNBC]

Perhaps if the Nasty Mayor spent more time focusing on what was happening in her city, and less time obsessing over her hatred for Trump, she could’ve seen the fraud and done something positive to help her citizens.

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Now, after all is said and done, and the dust has settled on the Island, President Trump, who suggested there was fraud going on long before it was uncovered, was proven right once again.

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