Cummings Wife Asks Twitterverse To Help Identify Thief Who Broke Into Their Home

Rep. Elijah Cummings’ wife, Maya, took to Twitter over the weekend to ask for help in identifying a suspect in a break-in at the couple’s house last month.

Elijah is the House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings and had been in a back and forth with Pres. Trump over the crime in Baltimore, MD. Remember that this is the woman who’s being investigated for corruption. How much you want to bet she’ll next complain that her records were stolen?

Maya tweeted: “Has anyone in the Twitterverse ever seen the symbol on this hat? It was the only distinguishing feature of the man who recently broke into our home. I’m showing it to you to crowdsource the logo. Please let me know if you’ve seen it (or him) before,”

The following day she crowdsourced information on the images by posting an image of a crab logo on a hoodie that resembled the one on the cap.

The July 27 break-in at the Cummings’s house occurred the same weekend President Trump started a feud with Oversight Committee chairman, calling his Baltimore-area district a “rat and rodent-infested mess” where “no human being would want to live.”

Cummings said in an Aug. 2 statement that he scared away the alleged home intruder by shouting at him. [The Hill]

I find it ironic that she is asking who tried to rob her while the Baltimore residents in her husband’s district want to know where $16 billion went (the amount is given to Baltimore from Housing and Urban Development) in 2018.

The Cummings seem quite concerned to identify the suspects, especially as they claim nothing was taken. It would be nice if they showed as much concern for their constituents and victims of actual violence.

By the way, I thought Cummings said it wasn’t a break-in. He said he scared the person away. But I’d say the bike would make that person in the photo someone that lives around there.

I’d be trying to find out the company that produced the bike, myself. Seems like bikes are more distinctive than hats.

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