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[VIDEO] Maxine Waters Claims GOP Lawmakers Are Begging Her to Impeach Trump

Maxine Waters spoke with Essence Magazine, where she revealed that at least one Republican lawmaker urged her to “get” President Trump.

I mean, honestly, I can think of at least one guy who might be begging Waters to impeach Trump.

That no-good Trump-hater from Michigan, Justin Amash. However, he’s not exactly what I’d call  a conservative, I guess he’s a Republican, in name only…RINO.

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Amash is your typical, everyday Trump-hating globalist, hiding out in Congress, masquerading as a constitutional conservative.

Give me a break.

These people fool no one, and they don’t matter in the long run. But the left loves to use these globalist turncoats in their headlines to make it seem as if Trump is facing some horrific collapse in his own party. “GOP URGE MAXINE TO GET TRUMP!” We see through this nonsense. That’s like saying the “dearly-departed” John McCain was an “America First” warrior. 🙄

Of course, before Waters can even think of impeachment, the six House committees (yes, I said SIX) that are working in tandem on separate investigations into the Trump administration, must convene and decide what information they’ll cherry pick in order to use in their harebrained impeachment quest.

Imagine if these liberal idiots used this much energy to actually help the American people, instead of hurting us?

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Waters is giddy beyond belief that her impeachment dreams are coming true…however, what Waters doesn’t realize (because she’s a clueless swamp creature who lives in an elitist D.C. bubble) is that her dream will quickly turn into her party’s worse nightmare.

You can watch the video below:

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