Maxine Waters — Calls Are Overwhelming My Office About Impeachment

Rep. Maxine Waters is keeping to her word about not slowing down on her call for the impeachment of President Trump. How some people consider Maxine a proper representative of them is beyond my understanding.

Even though Rep. Nancy Pelosi told Democrats they didn’t have enough; Waters is hardheaded. On MSNBC  Chris Matthews’ show Hardball, Waters said: “We are in a fight with a president that has no respect for the Congress.”

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Mathews asked Waters whether or not Pelosi or Steny Hoyer, House Majority leader would ever realize that “this is acting like he’s king and we have got to impeach him.”

She responded: “I don’t know when they will come to that conclusion. I know that as leaders, they have the responsibility to try and hold our caucus together and to try and do and lead in the best way they think will help us to be successful.”

“If they believe that now is not the time for impeachment, they will keep trying and go down that road. The American people, in the final analysis, is going to push on the Congress to do the impeachment. My calls are overwhelming in my office about impeachment. I have so many calls and 90 percent of all the calls that I’m getting, people see me on the street and they are talking about impeachment. ‘When are you going to impeach?’”

“I think as the level of interest and the level of not putting up with this president any longer comes to the forefront and lays on and leans on and pressures the Congress of the United States, we are going have to do it,” the chair of the House Financial Services Committee said. “We are going to have to impeach. I just wish it was sooner than later.”

The American citizens voted for President Trump to be our country’s leader for four years. Since day one the Democrats have been trying to undo the election. The Democrats are no good for our country. They held the Michael Cohen hearings when President Trump was trying to deal with North Korea instead of supporting him. They constantly try to make things harder for our President, and they have done nothing to improve this country for its citizens and have no plans to. They think their whole job is to go after President Trump – who by the way is doing a great job in spite of them.

They are trying their best to hold President Trump back from accomplishing many good things for our country. It is getting old.

By the way, Waters has become a rich woman off the backs of her constituents and has never, ever, delivered on one campaign promise to help her community. Helping her community would mean her constituents would have a better life and not live below the poverty line in the expensive state of CA. But if that happened, they would wise up and realize she is keeping them in poverty to protect her vote.




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