Matthews Smears GOP: ‘Some People’ ‘Have a Problem With a Woman Saying She Was Raped’

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Tuesday continued the effort to tie the entire Republican Party to the gaffe-prone Todd Akin, smearing the GOP as a party that doesn’t believe in the concept of rape. Matthews interrogated former Republican National Chairman Michael Steele: “Is it true or not true that you’ve got people in your party so far to the right that they have a problem with a woman saying she was raped?

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Matthews piled on, hyping, “Your political party has some real troglodytes in it… Guys right out of the caveman television ads. ” The Hardball anchor ended the segment on the Republican Party by trashing, “…Our politics is getting more Middle Eastern, where any rumor, any weird theory becomes the thing you fight over.”

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Wayne Dupree

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