Mass Brooklyn Stabbing!! – Four Children including 18-month old baby found dead

What kind of sick, twisted individual could do such a thing? A psycho capable of murdering 5 humans- 4 of them children from 1 to 5- is the type of monster that gives me the motivation to keep fighting to protect myself and my loved ones from, and the reasons I teach my loved ones age-appropriate and safe use of firearms.


I can’t think of anything that could trigger one off to kill kids, and so many kids. Five people murdered in one shot. This is truly shocking and I hope the father can really find solace in such troubling times. That man will need a lot of counseling. At this point anyone will ask why even go on living and what purpose is there left in life to go out to work when there is no family to return to. Condolences to the relatives and friends and whoever is responsible for this should burn in hell.
Investigators at the scene of the bloody spree. A parent who wasn't home during the attack was told the bitter news through a Chinese interpreter, a neighbor says.
Somber investigators from the medical examiner's office remove another body from the scene of the tragedy.
Photo by Marc A. Hermann for New York Daily News

Wayne Dupree

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