Marvel’s Spiderman Tom Holland Releases New Avengers Poster Accidentally; Or Did He?

There has been so much secrecy around the new Avengers movie and that means the trailer leak that wasn’t finished which has cause many to speculate about many things.

Tom Holland plays Spiderman in the Marvel Comics Universe allegedly got a package from Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk. Holland said he was going to open it up in front of everyone so that we all could be surprised. He reaches for a large cardboard poster and turns it to the camera and it shows what is likely to be the new movie poster but there’s a note inside.

When he begins to read it, check out the writing on the other side. This is brilliant marketing by the way whether or not this is real.

Do you think Holland accidentally showed us the official movie poster or was it a ploy? The tweet video comes from Marvel Studios.

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