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Levin SLAMS Media Over Mueller Report! “Political Document That Mueller Should Have Never Been Written!

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin shocked the hosts of Fox & Friends this morning when he broke out in a rant over Volume 2 of the Mueller Report.

“This is a political document that he should never have written, a political document that is 200 pages long the press keeps focusing on. That’s why [Mueller] and Weissmann and others wrote it… This is an op-ed. This is a 200-page op-ed, that’s all this is.”

“That is why we have a court of law. That is why prosecutors — dammit! — are not supposed to write essays like this… [Mueller] didn’t have an obstruction case against the president of the United States or he would have brought it. I’m using plain English so even Joe Scarborough and Jake Tapper can understand this. Volume two is crap. Volume two was written for slip and fall lawyer Nadler, slip and fall lawyer Schiff. That’s why he wrote it. He knew the media would run with it.”

Levin also stressed that a prosecutor could be “disbarred” for producing a report like what Mueller put forth because he said most of the content was based on he-said-she-said allegations.

Levin actually left the Fox & Friends panel speechless. Here’s a reminder,President Trump is the first president to completely waive his executive privilege for an investigative report into himself and his administration, all in the name of transparency!




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