Mark Levin: Abolish The FISA Court!

Former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed off on these FISA orders based on the fake Dossier, and she worked for Barack Obama. The responsibility here is so transparent.

As the Attorney General, Lynch would have had to sign the FISA warrant application. She was also responsible for verifying all information on the application was true and correct. If material facts were deliberately omitted, then the FISA court did not get a complete application, and the resulting FISA warrant was illegal from the get-go.

Lynch would also have had to sign any requests for extensions or renewals. There’s no way that 0bama wouldn’t have known about it. As Chief Executive, all agencies and departments answer to the president.

Source: Fox News Insider

Levin said Congress must look into whether representatives of the Department of Justice and FBI committed acts of “misconduct” before the court – in part by using an unverified dossier linked to an opposition research firm and former British spy as evidence.

He added that the judges on the FISA court deserve scrutiny too.

Levin said his Leesburg, Va.-based organization, the Landmark Legal Foundation, sent a letter to FISA court Judge Rosemary Collyer requesting that her court “do something” about “alleged abuses” committed by the FBI and DOJ.

He said the letter asked Collyer if the FBI informed her that the Russia dossier used as evidence in the case was compiled by the former spy for the firm doing opposition research on Donald Trump.

Levin has it absolutely correct. I knew when these “courts” were created that they were going to be used by the entrenched liberals/socialists/globalists within our government to persecute conservatives that sought or gained power.

Obtaining a FISA warrant using phony evidence or omitting material facts to get the warrant nullifies the warrant and everything discovered becomes inadmissible. Using phony evidence [a phony, discredited, unverified dossier] to get a warrant is a crime against the FISA court. The entire Mueller investigation based on a phony dossier becomes INVALID.

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Mueller needs to be dismissed. You can’t “investigate” something that was FAKE from the beginning. Attacking the FISA court when the court has been tainted makes the court and the FISA judges complicit. Trump is innocent. If you disagree, show PROOF and FACTS to back it up.

From the very first time this story broke, I wondered why nobody was interested in digging into the Judges. They’re supposed to be pretty smart people. I’ve been wondering if they weren’t complicit in some of this. Great job Mark.

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